BarkleyBarkley, the Best Dog Ever!
by Zack

My dog Barkley is the best dog ever and he is a real hero, too.

When I got him, the kids thought he looked like a big mop of a dog.  I didn't like it when they teased Barkley, although I'm not sure he understands what teasing is.

That's a neat thing about Barkley -- you never know what he understands!

Like when I tried to train him with simple commands, he would do something different than what I said.  If I said "Here boy," he would lift his leg and pee.  Finally I figured out that Barkley was training me instead of the other way around!

Barkley just loves it if you say, "Good dog."  Barkley likes to smile at that, but most people think he is baring his teeth aggressively.  (I don't think Barkley understands what "aggressive" is, either.  He's just friendly.)

Barkley was bred as a herder, and that is something he loves to do.  He gets the "zoomies" sometimes.  I guess that's just a lot of stored-up energy that has to get out.  He zooms around, herding anyone he sees whether it's animals or people.

Barkley gets zoomies Brian once said Barkley was an Australian Dinghound, but that was not quite true.  Brian is a very loyal friend, but he doesn't know much about dogs.  We got into a lot of trouble about the Australian Dinghound, but you can read all about that in the book, Brainstorm.

Barkley actually is a very special breed, Brian discovered.  The name is impossible to pronounce and even harder to spell, so I'll just show you pictures.

Barkley the Herder  Some people make jokes about how hard it would be to herd cats.  I know that if cats could be herded, Barkley could do it! Barkley with the zoomies
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