The Australian Dinghound

Originated in New Zealand, these dogs were used to herd sheep. They were brought to Australia in 1857 by Sir Sidney Melbourne. The Australians, not needing another breed of shepherd dog, bred the dogs with wild Dingoes.

The result was a new breed of large shaggy black dogs with unusual spotted markings. The Australians used the new breed to guard houses.

Dinghounds proved valuable as watchdogs because of their ability to sense danger as well as insincerity.

The dogs were brought to America during World War One to be used as guards on army bases. Some dogs were later selectively bred to become domestic pets, while others were bred especially for adoption by government intelligence agencies.

Due to its genetic background, the Australian Dinghound occasionally gets the "zoomies" and runs in circles at top speed as if herding sheep.

The Australian Dinghound has a propensity to bare its teeth, but this gesture is intended as a smile.

Australian Dinghound
Note from Stefi:  Be careful of what you believe when you do research for a school report.  This article on the Australian Dinghound got us into a lot of trouble in the book, Brainstorm Click here to see Zack's report on his dog Barkley and you'll see.  Actually, you should read the book to really understand how much trouble we created when Brian invented the Australian Dinghound!
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