Photo Album of the Buckley Renaissance Faire

Mr. Hoker's class had the best time helping with the Buckley Renaissance Faire! 

We designed great games, had special events like a Renaissance fashion show, and raised funds for the Buckley Art Museum and for our class. 

Even if we hadn't made money, feeling like we stepped back into Renaissance times made everyone think it was all worth it.

Guests Arrive at the Entry Gate

We built a castle as our ticket booth. It set the stage for everything else.

All the kids in our class wore Renaissance costumes.  We were surprised how many people came all decked out in Renaissance clothes. It really added to the effect.

We served Renaissance food at our faire.  The most popular item was smoked turkey legs.  We're not so sure that was authentic, but it was yummy!

Costume Prize Winners! Emily and Elizabeth's fashion show was a big hit. They told everyone about how to make dyes out of things like crushed sea slugs. Most people thought they were joking, but it's true!

Tyler had to wear tights for the fashion show, and he pulled them off as soon as he could. Even in the picture at right, he still looks kind of grumpy -- he did not like wearing tights!

The things we do for fashion!

Dousing for fun (profits go the Buckley Museum) They say crime doesn't pay, but one of our best moneymakers was arresting people. You could pay to have somebody arrested for a crime like stealing bread, jaywalking or being a witch. 

Tyler had Stefi arrested three times. She was a really good sport about being arrested and put in the stocks, and then getting doused with water. When she was dripping wet, she shook  water on Tyler to get him back!  Then she had him arrested.  Between the two of them, they must have contributed plenty to the faire profits.

These two "faire" ladies are history professors at Buckley University. 

Their royal court costumes looked very real, and they enjoyed commanding the "subjects" of their realm.

We never figured out if they took this royalty stuff seriously, or if this is just how college professors act in real life.

All kinds of medieval "artifacts" were on sale We sold Renaissance artifacts as a fundraiser.  We made wizard and princess hats, good luck charms, old-fashioned journals, and directions on how to insult people in fancy-sounding Renaissance language.

You can insult people, too.  Stefi said we could put her Renaissance Insults Generator on the website, so we did.  Try it!

Lessons in medieval fighting -- weapons and techniques Some of the participants taught lessons on Renaissance and medieval fighting techniques.

They had a show with demonstrations of how to fight with rapiers, daggers, and all sorts of scary weapons.

Then they called for audience volunteers for a battle. We learned that real-life battles were never as long or dramatic as the ones in movies. Mostly, you just wanted to stay alive!

So that was the Buckley Renaissance Faire.  It was a blast. We definitely recommend you visit Renaissance and medieval fairs in your area - or create your own!
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