Brainstorm - Buckley School Books #2Welcome to, the website created  in the book Brainstorm.

Sometimes Brian the Brain is too smart for his own good--and his brainstorms backfire.  First, Brian had a brainstorm that backfired into a much worse nickname, Barfy.  So Brian created, a homework help website (and the only time we could call him Barfy).  Brian had another brainstorm to spin some odd emails into a complicated mystery about a possible robbery at the Buckley Art Museum.  Backfire: Brian might be right!


Fun Stuff: We're studying the Renaissance now.  Information we posted includes reports on Renaissance Sculptors and World Events During the Renaissance.  Don't miss the report on the Australian Dinghound.  Chris contributed his Renaissance Recipes.  Stefi's Renaissance Insults Generator is guaranteed to make you laugh ... or get you in trouble, which ever comes first!  We all wanted to share photos of our Renaissance Faire.  Zack insisted we include his essay about Barkley, the hero of our Renaissance Faire.  You'll have to read the book Brainstorm to learn all the details.  We promise, it's a great adventure!

The Kids in Mr. Hoker's Class

You'll enjoy the Book Stuff, too.
  • About is Brian's explanation -- why he created a homework help website in the book.
  • The Synopsis  is a brief description of the whole book.
  • Read the First Chapter online -- you'll love meeting the kids and sharing their adventures!
  • There is a lot more adventure and fun in the Buckley School Book collection.
  • Visit the Zapped! website -- from the first book in the collection.
  • Visit Corey Green online.  This website includes many more fun activities with the kids in the Buckley School Books.
  • Contact Corey Green -- she's a real person who loves writing for kids.
Brainstorm, another Buckley School Book by Corey Green


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