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Brainstorm  is the second in the Buckley School Books collection of books about a sixth-grade class at Buckley Elementary School.  Each book is presented by a different student in the class.

Double Switched
The Cheating Ring
Sealed With a Twist

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Zapped! - Buckley School Books #1Zapped! - Buckley School Books #1

Kyle invents an imaginary kid to take the blame when a prank goes wrong. That part was easy. Now Stan has taken on a life of his own, creating more trouble than anyone could imagine. Making Stan behave is impossible!

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Brainstorm - Buckley School Books #2Brainstorm - Buckley School Books #2

Sometimes Brian is too smart for his own good. First, there was his brainstorm to get everyone to quit calling him Brian the Brain. Backfire: Brian ends up with a much worse nickname, Barfy. Another brainstorm: spin odd emails into a complicated mystery about a possible robbery. Backfire: it looks like Brian was right! Can the kids stop the robbers?

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Double Switched - Buckley School Books #3Double Switched - Buckley School Books #3

Connor knows his destiny is to play Major League Baseball -- if he can just get through sixth grade. Connor wants to be as honorable as Jackie Robinson, but that's harder to do now that his problems are so complex. Can he do the right thing and stop the bad guys who are using the Little League Field for cover?

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The Cheating Ring - Buckley School Books #4

Chris Griffith is the class goof ball, who realizes to his chagrin that no one takes him seriously. He makes a resolution to start changing his life by improving his English grade. Chris and the members of his study group show immediate dramatic grade improvement. When they all miss the same questions on a major test, Chris finds himself accused of running a cheating ring!

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Sealed With a Twist - - Buckley School Books #5

Stefi's teacher purchased an old, sealed envelope at an antique show for its valuable stamp. Stefi becomes fascinated by the literary possibilities of the unread letter. Stefi sets out to find the addressee, return the letter, and discover its secrets, engaging her classmates in mystery and suspense.

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Brainstorm, another Buckley School Book by Corey Green


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